Welcome to Breakthrough Wholeness

Striving for Wholeness is something I’ve been looking for, working towards and wanting for my whole life, and most likely many lives.

My definition of  Wholeness is living in the balance of my physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies. It’s about being in love with life… whatever comes my way. It’s a feeling of being connected to you, my family, my community, the earth I live on and with my Creator. 

What prevents me from knowing and living in wholeness are the stories I carry… the stories of I’m not good enough, I’m kind of stupid, I’m not pretty enough or tall enough; worried about being right or wrong, feeling guilty for this or that. I have grown up in a culture of fragmented messages that have confused me. The sad, sad stories that make me a victim in my own story and my need to protect my identity of who I think I am. And then I wake up, I arrive to this moment of seeing things differently.

My wholeness comes from my Breakthroughs… Sometimes it’s those AHA moments that wake me up and make me ask WTF? And sometimes, like a gentle breeze, if I’m not awake, I don’t even notice.

Like my breath, sometimes my wholeness is shallow and close to the surface, and sometimes it is deep, into every cell and molecule of my entire being. Sometimes it is with acute intention, and sometimes it’s just being on auto-pilot. And when I’m awake I come closer to being filled with intention and being in love, the auto-pilot doesn’t kick in.

So here I AM, I have Arrived! I AM available and ready to share my Experiences, my Wisdom and my Self to people who are climbing mountains and wanting Wholeness. 


Everyone has a story.

Our stories are created by our experiences, our culture and our beliefs.

Reflecting upon our stories can offer alternative perspectives.

With new perspectives we can create new stories.

Create yourself.

Vhalleri T Hohn

Story Creator – Life Coach – Teacher – Master Reiki RMT

My life is a gift, I choose to be here and I AM whole.